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“You are my peace of mind,

That old me is left behind”

-Lauryn Hill


When it comes to one of the biggest days in a couple’s lives, I simply don’t hold back.

I’m a love-struck wild woman at weddings, and I emotionally capture every. single. angle.

I always hear things like “wow, you were everywhere!”, but also how subtle & discreet in the moment that we (Rob, my husband & I) are.

I become more than just photographer, like with any portrait client, and I naturally grow close. And I don’t think there has been one wedding that I haven’t cried through, photographing or not. Maybe it’s the countless emails we will exchange over the months leading up to the day, or because I truly feel that to document as candidly as I do, you must dive in deep and really connect.

Every one of the 30+ nuptials that I’ve photographed have been unique, full of so much love and have made me feel as more than just a photographer. More a vivid story teller, combined with a very special guest. I feel truly honored to be by your sides.

I adore love and I aim to give each couple something entirely meaningful to remember their day by. I want you to feel these moments for years to come, like you never left the dance floor. To be able to show these frames to your grandchildren later and still feel that very day’s emotions.


I truly believe that every wedding is completely different and needs specific coverage, detailed to both what kind of unique couple you are and what you envision for such a big day in your lives. For this very reason, we offer personalized quotes with a follow-up full cost + services guide, tailored to give you exactly what you need.

6-hour, local coverage with two photographers begins at just $1,925.

Love, advice & friendship is always complimentary.

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Partner two's name
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I photograph every wedding with my husband Rob beside me, instilling the notion that love is indeed weird...annnd pretty dang amazing! 

Whether he's second-shooting or just my plus one, life just runs smoother with him by my side. He is definitely my support person, my other half and we are always told we are so 'in sync'.  While I’m all over the place, he is photographing details and alternate angles, always catching another unique shot of the day.

Together, we believe that the biggest day of your lives should vividly illustrate a timeless story of everything you are to one another. And the frames of the day should tell it fluidly for years to come.

That's why we strive to create timeless, emotional and creative frames of nuptials.


We love love, period. You are welcome here.

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