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empowering boudoir designed to fuel your self-worth and help you grow


I don't think it's a huge secret that we all inherently think our bodies are a suck-fest.


It's almost, like, second nature to find someone beautiful everywhere we happen to go, start comparing away and just fill ourselves right up with envy...and sadness.

And for what? Why do we do that to ourselves?

Chances are that gorgeous person you're eyeing up is incredibly insecure about something, too.

And it's all perfectly okay.

I'm not sure who told you that everyone {but you} is 100% confident. Because that just simply isn't true.

I also don't know what gave you the impression that this somehow makes you inadequate of being sexy. Because that's just nearly impossible.

Someone, or many (!), out there would worship every single ounce of your body & soul...and that person is me… Just kidding, but not really.

Because I AM here to give you that support and shout from the rooftops that you are wholly amazing.

My goal is to

fuel you . inspire you . lift you up

Reassure you that we all have flaws. And that we all feel a certain way about them.

To push you to tell that voice in your head to shut the hell up.

Because you are great.

Life isn’t about magically getting over things. Waking up one & just SNAP, all fears gone.

It’s about finding your style, what makes you comfortable vs what you just don’t want to do and growing deeply inside.

Giving yourself the ability to shine outward at your very brightest.


And yes, this is me!

And I NEVER thought I would be comfortable sharing my own intimate photos. Turns out, stepping into boudoir photography was a big-time breakthrough for me.

Helping others is a long-time love language of my own, so being a person for others to depend on, in any way, is personally rewarding for myself.

And I feel that’s what I get to do every single time I’m positively capturing intimate portraits of my subjects.




These kick-ass events focus solely on girl time, self-care, mega relaxation and genuinely having a safe space to discuss not only the different issues that all bodies face, but all of the daily life stuff, too. We chat, party, love and even cry. It is absolutely a healing time and I definitely have grown myself since I started them.

And of course, we take lots of photos. Retreats feature on-going mini sessions, as well as the perks of attending (what basically ends up being) a huge slumber party with your friends. Even if you came alone, you will leave with a heap of cool new buddies. And what’s better than doing a boudoir with your new besties telling you look hot as hell behind you, cheering you on?!! Nothing. Well maybe a few things, but not many. And it definitely makes taking boudoir photos that much easier.

Retreats are announced about one to two months in advance, normally are very limited on spots due to the all-day mini sessions, but are very reasonable.


Rather than a normal portrait fee of $225, retreat days are (generally always) $99-$150 to attend, get pampered and of course, take photos & have a ton of fun.