Hello there!

My name is Nichole,

but most just simply call me Nic.

I'm a documentary-style photographer, based in Michigan. I specialize in lifestyle portraits of families, children & couples, events like births & concerts and intimate wedding photography.

I deeply love everything about taking a photograph. The way the system chose works - digital or film, the art of creating experiences within the relationships of clients, the idea of preserving moments forever. My heart gleams when I'm capturing the happiness of my clients, candidly and being a watcher. I believe this stems from a love my grandparents had for videography, their joy of capturing my childhood and in-return, the immense love that I have for them for doing so. I value every one of those videos (and old prints) that they took of me, so many years ago.

In addition to what I really enjoy doing, I'm also a mother + wife, which are my favorite things in the entire world. My family is my rock. My husband Rob, who shoots every wedding beside me, is my best friend and biggest supporter. Find more about us + our process, here. My two kiddos, Eli and Evan, are my world (& what makes it crazy!) and they not only give me something to photograph always, but they sparked my transition into lifestyle photography and I'm very thankful for that. They showed my heart what it needed to see.

I absolutely love being a watcher in someone's unique story. Being able to illustrate that special time, over and over again for years to come, is so fulfilling to me.


I really enjoy sessions where I get to explore with kiddos, help empower individuals with

intimate frames of themselves, or get to be really candid with couples.

My overall style is candid, moody, emotional and colorful.

Every session is so completely different.


HUGE dog lover.

please do bring all the dogs and/or pets!


My babes, Eli and Evan.

i love taking fun photos of them.


donuts. cake. junk food, really. & pop. sadly addicted to caffeine. music. crab rangoons. traveling. long car rides. feeling the sand between your toes. Audrey Hepburn & everything she went through and stood for. going out to dance with friends. that new clothes feeling.

just feeling genuinely happy.

 I'm creative, funny, empathetic and a cheerleader for anyone who doesn't see just as amazing qualities in themselves - I pride myself on that. I believe true beauty starts with our inner and feeling good. That's why I really love shooting intimate sessions. Empowering others is definitely something to make you feel really, really damn good about.