Intimate lifestyle photographer dedicated to providing clients with emotional thrilling images

Hey there! I'm Nic.

I'm often referred to as my client's "personal photographer", which honestly, describes me completely.

I am a cheerleader for the marginalized and I believe love has no bounds. I am a kind, intuitive and understanding individual and I strive to get close to my clients to create timeless frames in every session. 

Each and every session with me is more than just your average portraits, but a full, one-of-a-kind experience. I thrive on being able to create emotional thrilling portraits in every scenario while giving my clients room to express themselves & capture the real them.



what is lifestyle photography? And why?


It’s hard to imagine that nearly 10 years ago, I started out photographing my senior friends that were graduating. Traditional portraits that you mostly have to pose in some way, BUT…I never really got used to posing my subjects, ever. It just felt awkward.

Then I started photographing kids in their natural elements, fell head over heels and eventually transitioned to all documentary-like capturing.

To photograph as a watcher, is now just essential for me. I have no problem getting my subjects to connect with fun prompts & snuggling, or just simply following your toddler around, snapping every angle & just becoming darn near best friends.

I do have an issue with stopping every few seconds to “say cheese”, though. And I won’t make you.

That’s just not what we do here. We love, connect & create.


I can’t wait to chat with you. (10).gif

205 Bricker St, Belding, MI 48809